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Viking Woodcrafts All-New Website & Blog Debuts Today!

Viking Woodcrafts All-New Website & Blog Debuts Today!

Viking Woodcrafts has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you an all-new website and blog! The new website gives you an easy to navigate format filled with the product you love. From wood surfaces to painting books, from stencils to artist supplies, we have it all.

The new site also has a new blog, with informative articles and fun features. It will help you keep informed of new products and keep you in touch with top artists in the decorative painting world. 

The new blog will feature a monthly pattern from a favorite designer, our product/surface of the month and so much more. Look for fun giveaways too! 

Product of the Month

Each issue we will promote a ‘product of the month’. For our first entry in this fun category, we give you our fantastic barn doors. Available in a variety of sizes and two very distinct styles, they provide a surface made for the creative mind to decorate.


Project of the Month


Along with the product of the month we will bring you the project of the month. Using Viking Woodcraft surfaces and trending designers in the decorative painting world, we hope to give you some awesome and fun projects. First up is Deb Antonick with her lovely design for one of our barn doors.

Rustic Barn Door – DIY Décor Project

© 2020 Deb Antonick Designs, Painting with Friends



Float / Shade: I always float my color with the angular Shaders. Mop to soften with a Mop.  I shade around my design elements before base coating; I like the softer look I get when I do this.  Unless otherwise indicated, I shade around the entire shape and deepen in corners and under design elements for more depth.

Line: Unless otherwise stated, all lining is done with the #10/0 Liner and the paint watered down to an ink-like consistency.

Basecoat: Use the brush that best fits the size of the area to be painted.

Stenciling/Drybrushing:  I drybrush my stenciling using a good quality stencil brush. The brush must be dry.  When Drybrushing, I load my paint from a dry surface, not a wet palette as the moisture will get into the brush and make the paint go on smudgy.  I also keep an old towel handy; it is great for cleaning the brush between colors.

To start, load the brush by tipping it into the paint, blend out on palette paper then wipe and excess paint off on a paper towel.  Lightly scrub over the stencil or onto the surface to apply the color. Start softly then press harder depending how much color you need. The harder you press; the more color you will get. Unless otherwise stated, my stenciling is always imperfect for a bit of a distressed look.


  • Remove the screws and take apart.
  • Tape over the edges of the metal to protect from paint.
  • Basecoat the board and all the pieces with DecoArt Media Black Gesso.
  • Seal the panel and the frame (excluding the track and rollers) with a thin coat of the DecoArt Matte Varnish. Let dry.

Note: I apply the varnish as it helps to protect the black when I start to scrub off the white.



  • Paint the frame with 1 – 2 coats of DecoArt Chalky Finish Everlasting. Let dry to touch.

Note: the longer the paint dries, the harder it is to remove and distress.

  • Dampen an old cloth with hot water (I prefer hot) and wring out well. Wrap the cloth around your hand so that you can use just your finger to gently start scrubbing the edges and corners to remove some of the white, leaving the black to show through.
  • Rinse the cloth as often as needed. Distress as much or as little as you would like.

Panel: see worksheet

  • Tape off the panel into 3 sections.
  • Starting with the middle section first, brush on DecoArt Chalky Finish Everlasting with the Palmer brush. Brush straight up and down. The bristles will create very thin streaks in the paint while applying, creating a whitewashed wood look. Keep applying the paint and brushing up and down until you are happy, and the strip is white.
  • Remove the tape and let dry.
  • Tape off for the two remaining strips by applying the tape over the middle painted section but move the tape slightly so that you leave about 1/16th of an inch of black showing. This will create the separation between the strips of white.
  • Paint the two remaining strips same as the middle one.
  • Remove tape. Let dry. Sand lightly.


  • Transfer on the wreath.
  • Basecoat the leaves with a wash Foliage Green. Shade with Leave Green at the base.
  • Highlight the tips of all the leaves with a float of Bahama Blue.
  • Deepen the shading at the base with Hauser Dark Green.
  • Line the vine with Hauser Hark Green tipped in Lamp Black.
  • Paint all the dark pods with Hauser Dark Green.
  • Line all the leaves and stems with Lamp Black.
  • Stencil the “Live SIMPLY” with Lamp Black.

Track and Rollers:

  • Basecoat if desired with a coat of Lamp Black. Let dry.
  • Use the Palmer brush to drybrush with Extreme Sheen Silver. Let dry.
  • Use your finger to dry rub random patches of Metallic Luster Iced Espresso here and there.


  • Put all the pieces back together.
  • Varnish with Ultra-Matte Varnish.


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