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Viking Woodcrafts Blog - November 25, 2020


Viking Woodcrafts Blog - November 25, 2020

Welcome to another fun issue of the Viking Woodcrafts Blog! As we get ready for a big day tomorrow here in the states we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Be sure to check out our product of the month and the corresponding project of the month.


Viking’s Surface of the Month!

Our featured surface this month is our Succulent Holder Frame. Available in two sizes, this exciting new surface gives a lot of space for your handpainted treasures or your mixed-media projects. Use real succulent plants in the grids or use artificial greenery. Think outside the box and use the grid for something new! Tracy Moreau has created a fun chicken design. (Contact Tracy at for more information.) Be sure to check out the free mixed-media pattern for this piece in this issue of the blog.



Viking’s Project of the Month!

This fun and easy mixed media design for the Succulent Holder Frame boxes has been created by Diane Marie Kellogg of Oil Creek Originals. Combining our surface and collage paper, along with some stenciling and some ‘coloring book’ style painting, you can easily create a lovely gift or home decoration.


Viking Woodcrafts Succulent Holder Frames, 8” and 11”.

Tim Holtz Collage Paper – Forest (Search online. You can also use different prints or paper napkins. I have even stamped tracing paper and used that for this technique.)

Tim Holtz Stencil #THS032 Flourish (Search online.)

DecoArt Glamour Dust – Crystal & Gold, mix evenly.


Emery Board/Nail File

Palette Decoart

Americana Acylics – Burlap, Lamp Black

Americana  Multi-Surface Satin – Green Beret, Dark Scarlet

DecoArt Americana Décor Matte Metallics – Bronze

Media Fluid Acrylics – Sap Green, Viridian, Primary Magenta, Quinacridone Red, Burnt Umber, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Dairylide Yellow

DecoArt Media Matte Medium

DecoArt Americana Matte Spray

DecoArt Clear Brush-on Varnish

Brushes – Royal & Langnickel

Aqualon: Glaze/Wash, Series R2700, 8/4" (For base coating larger areas.)

Angular Shader, Series R2160 , 1/2" (For shading and high lighting.)

Round. Series R2250 - 4 or 8 (For base coating smaller areas.)

Liner, Series 4200M – 30/0 0r 20/0 Mini Majestic Brush (For line work.)

Soft Grip: White Blending Mop, series SG1400, 1/2" (If desired, for blending.)

Directions -

Step 1 – Base the fronts with Burlap. Use two coats. Base sides with Multi- Surface Dark Scarlet for the larger box and Multi-Surface Green Beret for the smaller one. Once again, using two or three coats for good coverage. The interior may be finished as desired.

Stencil top and sides using the stencil and the matte metallic Bronze. Paint Grids with Matte Metallic Bronze.

Cut the collage paper to fix boxes, you may have to use two pieces. Don’t worry about matching the pattern. Using the matte medium and a large brush, apply a layer of medium to the front of the box. Apply the collage paper, working quickly, and being sure to push out all wrinkles and create a smooth surface. Let edge overlap the box being careful not to allow any excess medium to go over the edge. Once dry, take an emery board and sand off the very edges, pushing away from the center towards the edge.

Once dry, use the Fluid Acrylics to add a wash of color, thinned with water. The pine needles and holly leaves are Viridian, the smaller needles are Sap Green. The pine cones and any stems are Burnt Umber. The thicker ‘knobby’ type plants are done with the Quinacridone Burnt Orange. The larger berries on these are done with the Dairylide Yellow. The berries on the pine needles near the pinecones are done with the Quinacridone Red and the smaller berries on the others are done with the Primary Magenta.

The lettering is done with Lamp Black, the highlight is done with the Matte Metallic Bronze. Use clear varnish to add glitter to lettering, apply varnish as shown in the photo where glitter lies, and working quickly, sprinkle glitter on while wet. Do one section at a time. Once dry, spray the entire frame with matte spray.

For florals in the grid, you can use your choice of florals, succulents, air ferns, etc. Artificial florals work well. I also used some reindeer moss. Another idea…pull pieces of ribbon through the grids to create a ‘bow’.


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